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Copenhagen Suborbitals successfully crowdfund the next step in homebuilt spaceflight

Copenhagen Suborbitals, the small Danish outfit famous for not only homebuilding a fully working submarine but also a wide variety of capsules and rockets, have managed to fund their next step towards amateur spaceflight – the first amateur-built space capsule in the world.

Earlier today their total raised on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo ticked over the $10,000 dollar mark, which should allow the construction of Tycho Deep Space II – a capsule under development but building on the work done on the original TDSI Capsule (pictured) that was used to test a variety of systems and processes such as sea recovery and capsule escape.

The money raised today will be spent on creating the pressure hull of the capsule, with later efforts directed towards fitting the hull out with equipment.

Kristian von Bengtson, one of the founders of Copenhagen Suborbitals along with Thomas Pederson, updates a blog on Wired pretty frequently with the progress of the various projects that Copenhagen Suborbitals works on. An entry made a few days ago speculated on a  new configuration that wasnt previously in the list of concept ideas for the new capsule.

Whatever configuration is chosen for the end result, I’m sure that it will be spectacular.

You can follow Kristian von Bengtson on Twitter at @kvonbengtson , which I highly recommend: his concept sketches and new ideas are truly works of art even before they’re made a reality.

Image from Copenhagen Suborbitals website, taken by Thomas Pedersen.

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