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Site News: November 2014.

At some point we’ll actually get around to a regular posting schedule.

Hello everyone!

I know you’re out there as the site usage stats still creep up ever so slightly upward from month to month. Thanks for sticking with us! As you know we are a site that generally operates as a hobby. We contribute here and there in much the same way that we would fiddle around with an old car in the garage, taking the tarpaulin off every once in a while, polishing some meaningless bit of chrome and throwing the cover back on before leaving it for a while.

Well this is the start of one of the periodic upswings, but I thought you might like to know whats been happening in the meantime.

This summer I finally got my Bachelor’s Mechanical Engineering degree and after a late recommendation from my dissertation supervisor, I applied to and got a place on an Aerospace Engineering Master’s degree, which I have been doing since the middle of September.

This means I can now comment with a marginally less misplaced sense of authority on what goes on in the world of Spaceflight, which I will now be sharing with you guys on a more regular basis as this site is probably going to be the only hobby I am allowed to have during this Master’s course due to time and budget constraints!

In any case, I hope you guys keep sticking around to listen to Justin, Chris (Trudgen) and my (Chris Pounds) rambling about the world of Space and Spaceflight!

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My name's Chris Pounds. I started Astronomy Aggregator in 2012 as a hobby site for my interests in spaceflight and astronomy. I'm finishing up an MSc. in Aerospace Engineering. My undergraduate degree was in Mechanical Engineering with a final year dissertation focussed on performance characteristics of aerospike rocket nozzles.

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