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Site News: Logos and Contributors and email subscriptions, oh my.

A second February (just) update.

I’ll make this brief as I have to leave for work shortly.

New Logo!

Thanks to the talents of Mr Jay Freestone we now have a new site logo that will be rolled out across our various social media accounts and probably in the fullness of time plastered across things you can buy like t shirts and mugs – mugs will probably be first because these days I can’t function at work before I’ve gulped down at least three large mugs of coffee.


Its genuinely touched my heart that after posting on twitter (and elsewhere) that the guy hired to help me didnt last – and thus meaning my life remains chronically short of spare time – I have received a bunch of messages offering support (I particularly liked the one about being a [paraphrased] “valuable independent source” of news. Take that, Space.com!) and a couple of offers of people writing for the site.

The first article by one of these contributors, Mr Chris Trudgen is already up, covering an Indian rocket launch on Monday carrying seven satellites to orbit, and I have another email from a planetary geologist who I’m hoping can give us an insightful article based on what Curiosity is finding playing around in its sandpit on the surface of Mars.

If you’d like to be considered as a contributor, send an email to admin@astronomyaggregator.com to kick things off.

Email Subscriptions!

Due to popular demand I’ve created a more prominent link on the frontpage for a once weekly email update for people who would prefer not to get an email each and every day, or just plain don’t get on with Twitter or RSS. Simply click on the link, enter your email address and whack submit.

Thats it for now. 

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