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I’m so sorry for the massive backlog of posts.

I have to apologise to anybody who reads the site and still checks up on it from time to time; the last month and a half or so has been an incredibly busy time for me. A bunch of crises struck at the same time and no sooner did I have those sorted out before I started a new job and deadlines for the end of the semester appeared on the horizon.

As a result theres a large backlog of material that I’d previously earmarked for the site but havent had time to go through and put it up – which I will do directly. This means that there is a new tag for this sort of thing – the backlog tag, for things that are definitely newsworthy but are no longer current.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of regular updates now that I have some spare time to devote to the site.

Happy holidays!

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My name's Chris Pounds. I started Astronomy Aggregator in 2012 as a hobby site for my interests in spaceflight and astronomy. I'm finishing up an MSc. in Aerospace Engineering. My undergraduate degree was in Mechanical Engineering with a final year dissertation focussed on performance characteristics of aerospike rocket nozzles.

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