Become a Contributor

Astronomy Aggregator originally started as a one-man-band, but these days we have two or three other people writing articles about space exploration news. Finding these people was largely the result of luck, but now we’re putting a dedicated “recruitment” page into effect.

What are you looking for?

The idea behind Astronomy Aggregator is to have entertaining, informative articles about the latest news in space exploration; with no embellishment and the highest standards of accuracy.

There are a lot of space news websites out there, but when I started AA they didnt measure up. A lot of sites a lot larger than this one make a lot of money by enticing readers with headlines that aren’t strictly true, only to clear up that deception in the main article. It is this and other underhanded practice that we’re trying to avoid.

If you have the ability to write clearly, informatively and accurately about space exploration or the science behind it, then we’re interested to hear from you.  The same thing is true if you can produce articles on areas of science which you believe space enthusiasts will find relevant – one of our contributors’ background is in geology, and he has written some (pardon the pun) stellar material on findings on the geological structure of the moon and subsurface channels on Mars.

Basically, you must know your area well  (hopefully you’ve got some university education on the subject) and understand as much of the science as possible – if articles are uploaded that have a lot of pseudoscience, it will destroy the fragile credibility that we’ve built up – and that is not something I intend to let happen.

What are the benefits?

Ah. Well, currently this is a little thin on the ground, and people are writing out of the kindness of their hearts and love for the hobby. For me, I like having the opportunity to geek out and explain why Study A is exciting and changes science as we know it to people whose eyes don’t glaze over immediately because they have no interest in space. We do hope to offer some benefits in the future, which leads us to…

Hang on! Isn’t Astronomy Aggregator a for-profit site? There are ads all over the place! Pay me!

In the interests of transparency, yes, we do have adverts and yes, this is nominally a “for profit” site – if we ever make a profit, that is. Mostly we’re just writing about personal interests as a hobby. Adsense doesnt really provide as much income as people think it does – it just about pays for our hosting costs for the year which are pretty minimal.

In the interests of transparency I email screenshots of the adsense revenue to our contributors.

If you are a commercial SEO writer, please do not email me – we do not have the money to pay you and we are purposely not like Buzzfeed for a damn good reason.

Still sound good? Then apply!

If this still sounds like a good idea, then you can apply by emailing me with a short introduction as to who you are, what your background is, and why you would like to write for us in the face of such terrible rewards. Or, if emailing is dreadfully nineties,  you can tweet to me instead.

In any event, thanks for taking the time to read this page.